The ABC's of CBD: Your Guide to CBD

 Heard a lot about CBD, but still not sure what it is? Have no fear, we’re here to “hemp”!

 Here’s all you need to know about this intriguing ingredient.


What is CBD?

It starts with the Cannabis plant. Hemp and marijuana are derived from strains within the Cannabis family. They contain a variety of cannabinoids (science-y word for organic substances) but have different genetic profiles.

Our full spectrum hemp extract is derived from a species called Cannabis Sativa L.

The most well-known cannabinoids are THC and CBD.

THC might sound familiar. It’s the psychoactive cannabinoid responsible for getting you high. 

Unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive and will not cause a high.

Hemp naturally contains high levels of CBD, which can be extracted in the form of oil or powder then ingested or applied topically. 

There are two types of CBD extracts: full spectrum hemp extract and CBD isolate.


What’s the difference between full spectrum hemp extract and CBD isolate?

Over 80 unique, non-psychoactive cannabinoids make up the hemp plant. Full spectrum hemp extract contains an array of these cannabinoids. While CBD makes up the majority of the compound, it is only one of the cannabinoids in the extract. 

CBD isolate, you guessed it, isolates the cannabinoid, resulting in pure CBD.

Full spectrum hemp extract's benefits outweigh that of CBD isolate thanks to additional natural plant compounds like amino acids, omega fatty acids and trace minerals!

At Pacha Soap Co., we source our full spectrum hemp extract from an industry-leading supplier located in Colorado. 

They use American-grown hemp to produce full spectrum hemp extract that is non-GMO, pesticide residue-free and vegan. It is also third-party tested to ensure CBD potency and THC levels lower than .3%. 


What are the benefits of CBD?

When applied topically, full spectrum hemp extract (packed with CBD) moisturizes, nourishes and soothes the skin. It is safe for trial on all skin types.

CBD’s therapeutic properties also help to restore mind and body wellness.


Will CBD get me high?

Nope! Have no fear, CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, meaning it will not get you high.


Is CBD legal?

Yes, hemp-derived CBD is perfectly legal. The Agricultural Act of 2018 made “industrial hemp” (hemp with a THC concentration < .3%) legal.   

We derive our full spectrum hemp extract from legal “industrial hemp”, never marijuana. Third-party verification ensures CBD and THC concentrations are within legal limits, so you can feel confident and safe using our products.


What’s the best CBD dosage?

Topical products on the market contain between 25mg and 1,000mg of CBD, but the preferred dosage will differ from person to person. 

Lower dosage products, like our Grounding Cedarwood & Bergamot line, are great for new users of CBD bath products.


Which CBD product is right for me?

We’ve carefully curated our offerings and dosage levels to give the best consumer benefit per product type! 

If you’re curious about giving CBD a try, but feel a little hesitant, a quick rinse with our Grounding Cedarwood & Bergamot CBD bar soap (25mg CBD) or Whipped Soap + Scrub (50mg CBD) is the way to go! Since these products contain lower CBD concentrations and rinse off, they are great starting points for anyone wanting to try CBD for the first time.

Looking to get a little bit more out of your CBD purchase? We’d recommend a long bath with one of our Grounding Cedarwood & Bergamot CBD Froth Bombs (50mg CBD), Salt Blocks (50mg CBD) or Mineral Soaks (100mg CBD), giving your skin plenty of time to soak in all the goodness!

Want the best of both worlds? Our Grounding Cedarwood & Bergamot CBD Bath Kit comes complete with a bar soap, Froth Bomb and Salt Block so you can enjoy a full spectrum shower and soak. Perfectly packaged in a reusable, handcrafted Pacha bag!

Our entire Grounding Cedarwood & Bergamot CBD line features full spectrum hemp extract, organic hemp seed powder and moisturizing hemp seed oil for soothed, nourished skin. Notes of grounding cedarwood, fresh bergamot and earthy patchouli make for an extra relaxing experience.


Still confused?

We really are here to help! Leave your CBD-related questions down below and we'll get back to you with an answer.


Want to give CBD a try? 

Check out our full line of Grounding Cedarwood & Bergamot CBD products here:

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